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Green Energy Concepts, Incorporated (GECI) is a national leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of motive power charger technology, lithium ion battery technology, tubular battery technology and modular charger technology. Distributor networks are currently available. Call 877-914-8999 for more information.

Our Products

GECI Diamond® Charge Multi-Frequency Opportunity, Hybrid Multi-Voltage, Multi-Current, and Control Flux Charge Systems are designed to produce the highest power factor with proven power savings while reducing the carbon footprint.

GECI TUBULAR batteries are the perfect mix of European technology with North-American standards, combining the higher capacity and efficiency of tubular cells in the same size casing and robust design of a flat-plate battery.

The GECI MODULAR charger is the perfect power solution for both lead acid and gel motive power batteries.

Green Energy Concepts, Inc. (GECI) is the exclusive representative in the United States for the OneCharge® Lithium Battery.